A Donation That Keeps On Growing!

The Montana Stockgrowers Foundation is excited to announce the 2022 Cattle Drive Program was a success. The 2022 Cattle Drive is underway with a record number of 75 steers. Funds from the Cattle Drive will be invested back into Montana’s ranching community through programs focused on leadership, education and conservation. The 2023 Cattle Drive Program will begin in October 2023.

The Cattle Drive program allows ranchers to donate a calf directly or donate the market value of a steer calf. Donors can also partner with friends or neighbors to participate. This annual program allows your donation to gain in value to contribute an even larger impact in the future of the industry!

To donate this year, contact MSF at foundation@mtbeef.org, Dan Moore at (406) 852-4422, or Monty Lesh at (406) 853-1523.


Donations for the 2023 Cattle Drive will open October 1 – December 1, 2023.

The Cattle Drive program is designed so ranchers can contribute towards the efforts of the MSF by donating a steer. Cash donations have been accepted with a steer purchased in the donors name. All proceeds from the net sale of the calves support the Foundations programs.

As the cattle go through the program, donors receive periodic updates throughout the year on their steers. The top three winners in carcass value and average daily gain are announced during the annual convention in Billings. Donors are recognized throughout the year in MSGA publications and on our social platforms.

To donate to the 2023 Cattle Drive Program, contact MSF at foundation@mtbeef.org, Dan Moore at (406) 852-4422, or Monty Lesh at (406) 853-1523.

5 Year Donors

2016 Leadership Class
Organized by Chisholm Christensen

Garrison Ranch – Chokecherry Ranch
Jim and Cheyenne Garrison
Bill Garrison

La Cense
Race King

Peterson Grain and Cattle
Kim Peterson

VS Inc.
Jim Steinbeisser

Willow Creek Cattle Co
Dan and Lina Moore

Two Creek Monture Ranch
Wayne Slaght

Taylor Ranch
Watty and Lila Taylor

Thompson Cattle Co
Ty Thompson

Cross 4 Ranch
Fred Wacker

Bobcat Angus Ranch/Ratburg Livestock
Bryan Ratzburg

2021 Cattle Drive Awards

Average Daily Gain

1st Place
Rein Anchor Ranch – Charlie Rein

2nd Place
Veseth Cattle Company – Dale and Janet Veseth

3rd Place
Saylor Ranch – Chip Saylor

Carcass Value

1st Place
Bobcat Angus Ranch/Ratzburg Livestock – Bryan Ratzburg

2nd Place
Hahn Ranch – Dusty Hahn

3rd Place
Hobble Diamond Ranch – Michael Browning

2022 Cattle Drive Donors

Highland Cattle Co.

Highland Cattle Co.

3C Cattle Co.

Lane Nordlund and Russell Nemetz


Andy Kellom

Glasgow Stockyards


Bruce Glennie

Marks Miller Post & Pole

Ryan and Nicole Jones

Ehlke Herefords

Franz Red Angus

Andy Head

Castle Mountain

John and Linda Swanz

Rolling Stone Ranch

Dynneson Ranch – Katelyn Larson and Alexis Dynneson

Dynneson Ranch – Keith Dynneson

Bobcat Angus/Ratzburg Livestock

Grande Ranch

21 Mile Creek Ranch


Two Creek Monture Ranch

Vogel Land and Cattle Co.

IX Ranch

Hahn Ranch

Olsen Ranch

Cayuse Livestock

Holden Herefords

Bales Ranch

Cline Genetics and Leo Barthelmess

Rein Anchor Ranch

Sutherlin Farms

Iverson Ranch

Paws Up

Ahlgren Ranch

Diamond Ring Ranch

Prewitt & Co.

VS Inc.

Woody Creek Cattle & Grain

Hammond Cattle Co.

Matador Ranch and Cattle

Hagenbarth Ranch

Chokecherry Cattle/Garrison Ranch

Schuett Farms

Taylor Ranch

Cedar Creek Land & Livestock

Jones Brothers Livestock

Sitz Angus

Cornwell Ranch

Veseth Cattle Co.

Hockett Farms

Peterson Grain & Cattle Co.

Boucher Ranch

Lee and Madylon Cornwell

2016 Leadership Class

Lazy YE Cattle Co.

Cross 4 Ranch

Cherry Creek Ranch

Drange Ranch, Inc

Ostendorf Red Angus

Cross W Livestock

Solaris Feeders

Chip Saylor

LO Cattle Co.

Willow Creek Cattle Co.

Lesh Cattle Co.

AgriBest and Ty Jones

Little Belt Cattle Co.

Stovall Ranch

Thompson Cattle Co.

Tash Livestock and Jeff Johnson

Bonanza Creek Ranch and Jim Peterson

Thank You

Yellowstone Cattle Feeders
for managing the cattle in the program

Mike Schuldt and Dr Megan Van Emon
for their help with our data this year