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2022 TOUR CANCELLED  |   Denver, Chicago & Washington, D.C.

Montana Stockgrowers Foundation supports a number of young rancher programs that emphasize education and leadership in the Montana ranching communities. This includes sponsoring attendees to the annual Young Cattlemen’s Conference.


2019 – Chisolm Christenson & Jake Feddes

2018 – Katelyn Dynneson-Larson

2017 – Austin “Bo” Bevis & Justin Iverson

2016 – Dusty Hahn & Lacey Sutherlin

2015 – Ryan Hughes


The Young Cattlemen’s Conference is an opportunity for cattlemen and cattlewomen between the ages of 25 and 50 to visit segments of the beef industry in other parts of our nation with young cattlemen from other states. Facilitated by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), participants will travel with national attendees to Denver, Chicago and Washington D.C.

The primary objective is to develop leadership qualities in young cattlemen and expose them to all aspects of the beef industry. The tour helps these young leaders understand all areas of our industry ranging from industry structure to issues management, from production research to marketing. We would also request the participant commit to staying the entire trip.

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The Montana Stockgrowers Foundation will ensure funding for one participant for the full cost of the tour ($3,000) along with $500 for travel expenses. Remaining expenses are the responsibility of the participant, who will be chosen from those who apply.

Attendees of the Young Cattlemen’s Conference must be members of Montana Stockgrowers Association and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

The tour will begin in Denver with a comprehensive overview of the industry. The group will take an in-depth look at many of the issues affecting our industry and what NCBA is doing to address these issues on behalf of its members, plus receive a comprehensive view of market information from Cattle-Fax.

The group will then travel to JBS Five Rivers’ Kuner Feedyard, one of the nation’s largest cattle feeding operations, a one-time capacity of over 100,000 head located in Northern Colorado. We will then tour the JBS Greeley facility, one of the nation’s largest beef packing and processing plants. JBS will host the group and will be sharing with them their views of the beef industry from a processor standpoint.

Chicago is the next destination. Here the group will visit the Chicago Board of Trade & OSI, Inc. one of the nation’s premiere beef patty manufacturers.

The participants will then travel to the nation’s Capitol. Here they will get a chance to meet with their respective congressmen and senators. In addition, the group will visit with a number of regulatory agencies that make decisions affecting agriculture.

The Application may be filled out and mailed or you can fill out the form. In addition to the application form questions, two letters of reference are required to complete the application process. All applications must be complete and postmarked or received by March 15 of each year.

Montana Stockgrowers Association | Attn: Jeri Delys – YCC
420 N. California St. | Helena, MT 59601 | Office (406) 442-3420

If you have any questions about the application process or YCC trip, please call the MSGA Office at (406) 442-3420 or email